Sunday, July 30, 2006


What are Real Questions

I start this blog out of a sense of frustration with the current state of journalism. The articles - both off- and online seem to incessantly quote each other and engage in navel-gazing. Good journalism has always been characterized by asking -- and answering -- real questions. Since I am not a journalist by any means, I will not pretend to search for answers, but will humbly attempt to post the questions that do really interest me.

Questions that are of interest to me are "real" in a sense that they a) definitely have an answer that can be found today and b) this answer contains information that affects large numbers of people. Note that it is not important whether these large numbers of people know or care about either the question or the answer. Examples of questions that are "not real" in my sense: "is there life on Mars?" (fails a) and "what are the sexual habits of Tom Cruise?" (fails b, as even though a significant percentage of the world population is very interested in both the question and the answer, the latter does not affect their lives in any way).

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