Friday, August 25, 2006


#3: Who orders Assistant US Attorney Stephen Miller around?

As we are all very well aware, a guy named Javed Iqbal has been arrested in New York on charges of retransmitting the Al-Manar TV station. The station happens to be on the US Government terrorist organizations list. Now, the relevant US law explicitly excludes from the presidential authority "the importation from any country, or the exportation to any country, whether commercial or otherwise, regardless of format or medium of transmission, of any information or informational materials". See for example, this excerpt. It would be naive to think that Assistant Attorney Miller does not know the relevant statute.

Now that the minor issue of the law is out of the picture, it would be pretty interesting journalism to investigate who was applying pressure to the US Attorney office to go after Mr. Iqbal? There is a good reason to expect the chain of command in this case to terminate inside some Israeli lobbying structure in the US. After the disastrous results of outsourcing our foreign policy to Israel, is the Bush administration doing the same with our law enforcement?

Tip: I have learned about the US law in question from this guy's blog. He might be fun to talk to.

Another tip: Coalition Against Terrorist Media seems to be built for the sole purpose of preventing Al Manar from being broadcast in the US. The coalition seems to be a division of Foundation for Defense of Democracy, a well known part of "The Lobby".

The actual complaint makes a very interesting reading (and little sense, in my opinion).

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