Sunday, September 03, 2006


#4: Where are all these new Russian weapons transferred by Syria to Hezbollah?

If you ever read reports about the latest war in Lebanon, you would have noticed that "modern" Russia weapons are constantly mentioned. Newspapers copy names of Kornet and Metis-M missiles from one article to another while journalists seem to fail to verify the facts.

I have spent considerable time looking at the photos of captured Hezbollah weapons and have to conclude that:
  1. There is not a single Kornet or Metis-M unit in the photos I looked at. The most advanced Soviet-made equipment I have noticed resembled an RPG-29, which has no guidance whatsoever and therefore can be useful only from a very short distance. The Russian guided missiles in the photos date back to 1960s.
  2. The only relatively new missiles in the photos are American-made TOW missiles dated 2001
I can obviously provide no proof for statement #1; non-existence of something is kind of tough to prove in general. I would appreciate, however, a photo of anything even remotely resembling a Kornet in Lebanon. #2 is pretty easy to prove; here is the photo.

Now, here are good questions for journalists to answer:

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